New Sign Up FAQ

New Sign Up FAQ 


1. Can I integrate more than 1 Seller Central account to my SixLeaf account? 

- Yes!  Whether you have a few brands across multiple Seller Central accounts or manage accounts for clients, we can handle multiple accounts for you can integrate multiple Seller Central accounts to your 1 SixLeaf account.

2. Do I have to integrate my Seller Central account to SixLeaf? 

- Not at all. The integration menu has a bypass option which allows you to manually upload all of your listings and their details. 

3. Why can't I see my new ASIN/listings in my account?

- If you have ASIN's you don't see in your SixLeaf account, try re-syncing your integration first. SixLeaf integration process only pulls new listings from your Seller Central account by hitting the resync button after you have integrated for the first time. 

If this is a new listing in your Seller Central account, you need to resync your integration with us so it will pull down that information into your SixLeaf account. 

  1. Go to the integrations menu.
  2. Click the resync button inside the black box of your integration. 
  3. Once it's complete go back to active products and you will see that ASIN available now. 

Active Products 

1. How Do I Swap My Active Products? 

Each package allows for XX number of products to be promoted per month.

For example, the 1 product package allows for 1 product to be promoted as many days as you would like throughout your billing cycle.

- Below is a quick video walkthrough showing you how to set products active for the first time.

Setting Active Products 

-If you want to swap active product slots for products you have not run promotions for in your billing cycle, simply repeat the steps above in the video walk through.

-If you are trying to swap products AFTER you have run a promotion for them, you have a few options.

A. Upgrade your account to a higher package in the billing section of your account. You will be billed the prorated amount of the new package and your billing cycle will stay the same. Here is a short video walk through of upgrading your account.

B. Wait until your next billing cycle starts over to swap your products to another product you wish to promote. You can view your billing cycle in the billing section of your account at anytime.

C. We can also bill you early for your current plan so you could start scheduling promotions today and your billing cycle would start over today as well.

Scheduling A ZonBlast 

1. Which Days are Best to Run A Blast? 

- There is not a better day in the week that works better for blasting. Our private audience that we deliver blasts to are used to getting deals every day of the year. 

NOTE: We do not run Blasts on ThanksGiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

2. Should I change or turn of my PPC during a ZonBlast? 

- We generally recommend running lowered bid rate or daily spend with Amazon PPC during a ZonBlast for the same keywords you are targeting.  

3. Can I select a custom amount of days when scheduling a ZonBlast? 

- Absolutely! When you are on the calendar screen, hit the SoloBlast button first, then click all the days you wish to run a blast on. 

4. Can I Edit My Blast Once It's Created?

- You can edit your Blast until it starts. Once the Blast is live, and you need to make changes you will need to cancel that blast and start over. 

Monitor Your Blasts 

1. My Blast started today but I don't see any sales yet. 

- If you see all your codes gone for today but no sales, there could be a delay in reporting on Amazon's end (it's rare but does happen) or there could be an issue with your codes not delivering the advertised offer.

While we do quality check blasts before they go out, it is your responsibility for ensuring the coupon codes deliver the proper discount we are advertising for you each day of your blast. 

If you feel there could be an issue with your codes, please contact support by email @ or the chat function to the right with the Blast ID you would like us to check. 

2. My Blast has started but I'm not seeing my keyword ranking improve. 

- Amazon does not update keyword ranking in real time so we typically see accurate keyword ranking results anywhere between 3-7 days after the promotion has ended.

NOTE: It's normal to sometimes see a ranking fluctuate in a keyword tracker as the keyword rankings are not updated in real time by Amazon.

3. When will my Blast start? 

- We send out multiple blasts at multiple times of the day and you can view what time your blasts are scheduled for today by going to your blast monitor page, and hovering over the green button to the left of today's date.

If you have a Wave or Pulse created, click the + sign to the left of the blast to drop down all days of your blast. The time for future dates will be updated each morning.

What Time Will My Promotion Start?

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